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Sadowsky.com: Recover & Redesign

A friend referred me to Rodger Sadowsky, when he had become frustrated with the web developer he’d been working with continued to be unable to keep their eCommerce site up and running. Seems their site had been neglected and updates to WordPress and it’s themes & plugins, had left their site unusable. While it was…

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From Roger Sadowsky

I have had a website since the 90′ s and have dealt with several developers over the years. Recently, our website, which was created only two years ago at considerable expense, imploded and became non-functional. As I did not want to deal with the developer who did our site, we searched and through word of…

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From Chuck Woodbury

For more than 15 years, Zoey has helped manage my websites, doing everything from creating a totally new site, to improving others, to troubleshooting. She has saved me from disaster countless times. She’s always advised me on new and better ways to do things, and then picked up the ball and done what was necessary…

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Special Reserve Games: Move from different CMS, Redesign

Originally created in “CRAFT”, we were able to recreate it in WordPress. This adds much more functionality for the client and allows for a more robust design. Usability was greatly improved and the client is very happy with whole site, as well as the experience of working with us.

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The Grizzled Wizard: Complete rebuild of website

Left languishing, the site was out of date and eventually stopped functioning. We started from scratch to get their site back online and added functionality such as being able to upload images by simply sending an email. The image shows up automatically on the homepage, without having to log into the back end of WordPress…

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